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About Us

We are Urbana Mantenimientos

Urbana Mantenimientos

Urbana Mantenimientos is a modern, efficient and dynamic company with more than 12 years of experience, positioned in the service sector and complete maintenance. We are expanding constantly, providing all the technical and human resources to do all the jobs and services that are hire to us.

Our objective and professional commitment is based on personal and face-to-face treatment, paying attention every day on the real needs of our customers by providing solutions with optimum efficiency for money ratio, applying strict quality procedures, investing in training and safety our employees, and continuous monitoring and supervision of the work we do.

The trust and loyalty of our customers becomes our strength and our best guarantee for the future

Activity Sectors

The wide range of sectors, as well as the incorporation of new materials and surfaces in new construction, make the service sector and integral maintenance, a dynamic and complex sector in the definition of work. This leads us to improve constantely the methods and means to respond to the different areas of business with the daily work, and that their characteristics and needs, they differ in how they proceed. In short, improvement and innovation.

  • Buildings and Communities of owners
  • Offices and offices
  • Supermarkets and shopping centers
  • Banks and savings
  • Colleges and schools
  • Institutions and agencies
  • Hospital and health centers
  • Food sector
  • Industry sector
  • Hotel industry

Types of Services

Urbana Mantenimientos focuses on the provision of services to all types of customers, buildings, owners, businesses, public premises, private and particular.

We can group our activities in the following types of services:

Mantenimiento de comunidades en Alicante

Mantenimiento integral de jardinería

Mantenimiento integral de piscinas

conserjería en Alicante

Reformas en Alicante

Proyectos y obras en Alicante

Latest Projects

Todos los proyectos
  • Proyecto1
  • Proyecto2
  • Proyecto3
  • Proyecto4
  • Proyecto5

What characterized us


In order to give to our customers a fast and efficient service, with the best personalized treatment, with real satisfaction covering their expectations.

Customer orientation

To act daily with authentic spirit of service, and the largest responsibility. Our work affects directly to the health of many people through the hygiene and care of their image and comfort, must keep impeccable facilities entrusted to us..

Social responsability

We carry out our mission with the highest level of security, protecting our workers from occupational hazards properly, avoiding any kind of incident that may affect their safety and personal integrity.


Year by year we try to fulfill our mission in a better way. We keep growing constantly in efficiency and harmony, developing technical training programs to ensure greater professional specialization in all the range of our company.

Methodology and planning services

Urbana Mantenimientos can offer a fast and efficient customer response through an agile business structure that allows developing, under strict media planning and people, the work according to a system resource optimization in terms of service deployment times, means it aimed at cost reduction and customer impact.

When Urbana Mantenimientos receives a service request, we perform the following process for proper care:

  • Knowledge, study and needs assessment.
  • Qualified personnel performed an exhaustive study of facilities for defining surfaces, materials and specific customer needs.
  • According to the information collection and needs assessment done, we developed a service project with the corresponding financial budget.
  • Project implementation and start the service.
  • Technical staff proceeds to execute the development of service established in the project by designating the professional qualified and specific staff, its realization for each of the needs, machinery, materials and products.

Commitment to Environment

In our effort to achieve maximum quality in our services, and the maximum proactivity towards caring for the environment around us, we have established principles to comply within our organization.

All products used in our services comply strictly with environmental standards guarantee taking all being eco-label and its recyclable packaging.

We participate in environmental projects with associations and non-profit development activities that help preserve the environment.

Committed to the environment