Area dedicated to the 24-hour caretaker service and providing temporary staff to cover replacements because of low, illness or holidays, with fully qualified and trained professional for the performance and fulfillment of the required functions.

Care facilities, portal, goal, stairs, walkways, basements and other facilities for common use, as well as electrical appliances, irrigation, water treatment plants, boilers or other destinations that are installed on them as well as people entering the property.

Will be responsible for opening and closing the facilities, according to customer standards, as well as off and on lights or other equipment or machinery. It shall notify the owner performing any attempt, on the part of tenants and residents, of situations which might inconvenience to others, ensuring that the order is not disturbed in it, nor the peace of those who dwell there in.

Collaboration with the medical services, firefighters, civil defense and police in case of any emergency or need that arose.

He should review periodically and preservation of the community facilities in general and can make small jobs and repairs for which special qualifications such as is not required:

  • Review and adjustment of programmers and timers.
  • Review of the status of elements of interior, exterior and emergency lighting.
  • Review of buttons and switches, and systems electric opening doors.
  • Replacing light bulbs, fluorescent tubes and starters.
  • Review and if necessary lubrication of the various doors access to community elements.
  • Review and adjustment of door hinges and springs community access.
  • Review and adjustment of cranks, bulbs and locks…
  • Checking and adjusting irrigation systems.

Urgently made aware of the ownership and/or administration, and the conservative house few abnormalities and faults observed in the operation of the corresponding equipment and existing facilities, suspending the service concerned under their responsibility if there could be danger from its use, or repairing these faults with our specialized or within the agreement concluded with partner companies staff.

Caring facilities

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