Projects and Works

The construction groups throughout the process of implementation of any type of building, from the beginning of the project design to the execution of the construction, which facilitates the work of building and optimizes the results.

This is possible thanks to our group of companies formed by specialists in design and construction: architects, surveyors, engineers, technicians offices, designers, foremen and managers, running all our work with hand selected and trained by our officers work to optimize the stages of work, thus ensuring maximum efficiency and quality.

Formality, efficiency and commitment have made us an established industry in the multi-company.

Project management

We have a multidisciplinary technical team specialized in carrying out the following types of services:

  • Energetic certificates.
  • Building Assessment Reports (IEE).
  • Technical Building Inspection (ITE).
  • Building Conservation reports (ICE).
  • Building expert advice. Pathology studies.
  • Books of the building. Aid for technical management and monitoring.
  • Technical header.
  • Certificates of occupancy.
  • Architectural and engineering projects.
  • Rehabilitation projects.
  • Opening projects commercial or environmental permits.



Home Reforms

Our company is specialized in the implementation of integral projects of housing reform. We provide advice on materials and design trends making the most of space and always based on their interests and preferences.

Our hallmark is quality, because we have the best professionals for reform with a continuous monitoring of the progress of the work by one of our foremen.


Office Reforms

We are aware that a good work space multiplies the effectiveness and productivity as well as being a fundamental part in terms of company image.

Our experience allows us to guarantee quality and price, because we are aware of what constitutes a change or reform office. If you are thinking of opening new offices, or reforming it already has, we take care of everything.


Local Reforms

We carry both partial reform service and maintenance of facilities as comprehensive reform (turnkey).

We start trade dress, advising you on what you want to reform their shop, the business environment interpreting and applying that need atmosphere enrich and enhance your business.

Our satisfaction is that your business has a good basis to achieve their business objectives.